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Chinese Brake fern-general information
Pteris fern-general information
Chinese Brake fern-scientific publications
Chinese Brake fern-media reports
General Fern Information

Chinese Brake fern-general information
  National distribution (excellent site) 
  General description

  Presence in Hawaii
  Distribution in Florida by University of South Florida
  Occurrence in California
  Another report in California

Pteris fern-general information
  Pteris ferns by Slider.com (most comprehensive)
  Pteris fern photos by Clark Nersury
  Pteris ferns by Botany.com
  Pteris ferns by Henriette's Herbal
  Pteris world species list by Michael and Brian
  Pteris ferns by Australian National Herbarium
  Pteris cretica by University of Vermont
  Pteris fern by  University of South Florida
  Slender Brake by Philippe Faucon
  Pteris excelsa by University of Hawaii
  Pteris lidgatii by University of Hawaii
  Pteris fern
by Plant in Histology

Chinese Brake fern
-scientific publications 
  Arsenic distribution in the fern using XAS
  Publications from our group

Chinese Brake fern-media reports 
  Dirty appetite
by Forbes
  Deadly drink by Beyond 2000
  Eating arsenic by Envirospace
  Eating arsenic by New Scientist
  Arsenic-loving fern by Onlooker
Green Cleaners by Science Now
  Pteris vittata by Horticulturist
  Fern eats up arsenic
by BBC News
Green Cleaners by Academic Press
  Arsenic and old brakes by GF Awesome
  Arsenic and old brakes by the Economist

Fern eats up arsenic by Environment-go 
  Fern eats up arsenic by SOS-Arsenic.net
  What fern loves arsenic by Killer Plant Com
  FIU Researching Arsenic-Eating Ferns by FIU
  A fern that loves toxic waste by News in Science
  Fern soaks up arsenic by Edie Weekly Summaries   
  A fern strives on arsenic by safedrinkingwater.com
Fern soaks up arsenic from soil by Lycos Network
  An arsenic loving fern by the Pharmaceutical Journal
  Common fern could clean up pollution
by ABC News
  Fern soak up arsenic like sponge  by All About Canoes
A fern soaks up deadly arsenic from soil by GTS Consultants

  A fern soaks up deadly arsenic from soil by Science Daily 
  Fern drinks arsenic
by California Academy of Sciences
  Lena Ma Receives Discovery 2001 Award by T-STAR
Getting Rid of Arsenic, Naturally by MUSC Health.com
Brake fern safely soaks up arsenic by the Associated Press
  Brake fern: nature’s answer to paper towels
by Imprint Online
  Fern fronds ferret out toxins by Environment News Service
  Plant to clean up environment by Washington State University
Discovery of a fern that hyperaccumulates arsenic by SWS at UF
  Plant soaks up deadly arsenic from soils by University of Florida
NSF/EPA team up on grants to treat pollution with plants by NSF
  A fern with a fondness for gobbling up poison by Scoop Media

  This delicate fern is a sucker for arsenic
by the Christian Science Monitor 
  Fern hungrily soaks up arsenic from contaminated soil by YOU of Australia
  Wild plant mops up arsenic in contaminated soil by Great Smokies Connection
  Brake Fern for phytoremediation by Malibu Water Resources (comprehensive)
UF research shows that a fern soaks up deadly arsenic from soil by Wildlife News
  Fern hungrily soaks up arsenic from contaminated soil by UniSci Daily Java News
  UF research shows that a fern soaks up deadly arsenic from soil by Global Techno Scan

General Fern Information 
  American Fern Society
  C-fern Web Manual
  Florida Nurserymen & Growers Association
  Hardy Fern Foundation
  The Poison in Bracken fern
  Ferns by Malibu Water Resources
  Fern growing tips
  Definition of fern by Columbia Encyclopedia
  Common species of fern by Fact Monster
  List of invasive species by Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

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